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Mr. Luu Meng

CEO and Head Chef of the Almond Group

Once voted the Top Chef in all of Asia, Luu Meng is Cambodia’s most celebrated chef. Today he is the driving force behind the dishes and direction of the Almond Group.

“Coming from a family of chefs, I fell in love with cooking at an early age. My grandmother worked in the kitchen at the Royal Palace, and my mother owned a restaurant in Phnom Penh. We always had good food at home! My mother’s cooking, especially her use of flavours and spices, influence my cooking to this day."

"By the time I graduated high school, I knew that I wanted to be a chef. After ten formative years in some of the region’s finest restaurants, I returned to Cambodia and was quickly recruited into the kitchen of the Hotel Cambodiana where I worked hard, becoming Sous Chef within two years, a remarkable achievement."

"Around this time, my long-term aim to rejuvenate traditional flavours, and fuse them with other influences came to fruition with the founding of the Almond Group. I wanted to create a living food culture, a Khmer cuisine that was relevant today and progressive, with an eye to the future."

Almond Group strives to be an ambassador for Cambodian cuisine and dynamic hospitality through its hotels and restaurants at home, together with exhibitions, demonstrations and personal appearances across the globe. Its continuing professional development training programme enables staff to make comfort and hospitality top priorities every time.

The Almond Group

Premium Hospitality Management Group


Phnom Penh Post

Phnom Penh Post

June 2017

Tourism is on the rise in Cambodia, and the hospitality industry is growing to accommodate it... Cambodia’s hotel and restaurant company Almond Group, to discuss the group’s growth and the challenges...


Khmer Times

Khmer Times

March 2018

Cambodia hospitality giant Almond Group continues bringing the world to Cambodia with the grand opening of World Dining restaurant at Boueng Snor... Let your tongues travel without ever leaving your seat...


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Since our inception in 2008, The Almond Group has set high standards for Cambodia’s hospitality industry. Today we are pioneering the next level of service sophistication and striving to put Cambodian cuisine on the world stage in its own right. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any inquiries regarding our brands or hospitality management services.

The Almond Group
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